About Us

Sporthaul.com and the line of Chasing Paradise sports specific trailers and accessories are the coming together and realization of the perfect combination of “Best In Class” experience and providers.

The Company boasts more than thirty years of experience in the action sports and lifestyle industries as well as a deep appreciation for the use and advantages of advanced materials from the composite and metals industry. It has been our long time ambition to blend this experience with the technology of today to offer the best value proposition in a complete sportsman’s experience through a unique product that meets the needs and desires of the action sports lifestyle enthusiast.

We have engaged the design talents of experts and a certified facility from the largest and most respected names in the trailer building industry to build Chasing Paradise camper trailers. All Chasing Paradise trailers are proudly Made In the USA.

Our IT department is time tested and experienced providing the best in today’s internet communication and presentation for our www.sporthaul.com website and E Commerce platform. Our IT team is highly skilled and comes from elite Fortune 500 company experience.

We have provided a resource section on our website with links to industry expert sites to inform and help our fellow sportsmen to understand how we appreciate the input of qualified experts and the importance of using the finest components and methods of manufacture in the decision making of how we treat each facet of our business.

Proudly Made in U.S.A.